Hello to everyone who is here!♥ I live in Turkey. I am an engineer. I actually have a problem with English practice for a long time. I thought what could I do about it?

I went to very good schools and if you ask me, I took English lesson since I was ten like everybody in Turkey.

I think if you want to learn a foreign language very well, you should live with this language. This language must be in every part of your life. If you don’t practice, writing and reading are not enough for you.

I thought….thought…thought…

If I have a web site, I can make friends from all around the world. Maybe you can help me. If you leave a comment on my posts, I will be happy. You can also tell me about my mistakes:) If you write very long comments, I may need some time to answer them but I definitely write a reply:) Please ask me a lot of questions or leave a comment about every recipe. Don’t forget to follow me on instagram.

Recipes belong to my mother. A few of them belong to me. a few•:) These are the taste of our house. That is all for now.

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