The most delicious chicken recipe, you will ever eat

I know that the most of the people like eating corn flakes with milk at breakfast. Me, too of course. When you taste these chicken wings, you will prefer crunchy chicken at your home instead of eating out. Because you will know the secret in seconds…..

I came with a perfect recipe about chicken wings which you can make easily at your home. We just ate. Everybody who ate them loved this taste. I was happy for their feedbacks and they asked me “what is in this chicken?” At first everybody thought that these chicken were covered with cornflour but that was the wrong answer. These chicken wings were really crunchy. I wanted them to guess but nobody guessed correctly:) When I told them the secret, they got surprised. Everybody finished their plates fondly. So I wanted to share this secret with you, too♥

We all know that fast food is unhealthy. There is no lie:) We try to keep a long distance between us and these foods but unfortunately we can’t stay away:) We all sometimes want to make an exception. For example me. I want to give myself credit. well.. I am asking you and tell me honestly. Could we success in giving up on fast food if we make the fast food flavor with chicken wings at our home. Definitely yes. Because I found the secret. I think the secret is using corn flakes to make a delicious chicken wing just as the ones we eat outside. When you make this recipe and taste its flavor you will understand me better. When you want to eat fast food, you should give these chicken with corn flakes a try. You can make them easily at your kitchen instead of going out for a dinner or lunch. You should be ready. Everybody who eat them will ask that “what is in it?” You will take credit and they will speak well about your meal to you.

That time.. Delicious crunchy chicken wings with corn flakes are coming.


1 kilo of Chicken wings ( It may be less. It depends on how many people will eat chicken wings, you can use whatever you want)

1 bowl flour ( mixed pepper powder is mixed into the flour)

2 eggs

100 ml milk

1 bowl of corn flakes

You should prefer simple corn flakes. No fruit pieces in it. This is important.

The amount of flour isn’t important. If it is finished, you can add a few flour.

Eggs and milk are mixed well.

At the end of the recipe, corn flakes are crushed well. There must be smaller parts in the bowl than before. You can break them with your hands. I didn’t use blender for it. That’s all…♥

crunchy chicken wings with corn flakes


Firstly chicken wings are washed well. (I prefer chicken wings but you can prefer a chicken chest. If you want less calories, chest is preferred instead of wing)

There should be three bowls. First bowl is for flour, second flour is for mixed eggs and milk, third bowl is for crushed corn flakes. (Parts of corn flakes are very small. Otherwise parts of corn flakes can’t stick to the chicken wings) As I said that this recipe is simple and fast.

Firstly chicken wings are plunged into the flour

Secondly they are plunged into the eggs and milk mixture

You should repeat this one more time. flour/mixture/flour/mixture… that’s enough.

Thirdly they are plunged into the corn flakes.

That’s all:)

Oil is poured to the dry frying pan. Let wait a few minutes. When oil becomes hot oil, chicken wings are put to the pan. (I fried them for 10-12 minutes over medium heat.) Normally 10 minutes are enough for every face of chicken. I highly recommend looking to not burn.

How does it look? It looks so yummy, doesn’t it? 

crunchy chicken wings with corn flakes                                               

♥Enjoy your meal

⇒30 minutes are enough for this recipe⇐

You can make this recipe with all of your chicken wings 

♥If you try this recipe, let me know. I will be wondering that do you like it or not


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