You can make a chocolate ball like in patisseies easily.

mmm… I ate three chocolate balls with coffee today ! I am not sorry for eating them. (How many calories?) No problem.. The taste was great:)

I thought all day, I searched different recipes to make a desssert and a great idea came to my mind. When I was a child, my mother made chocolate balls to us. They were so yummy. However I had a problem. I didn’t have sugar and flour. I said okay and I decided to try this recipe. I heard this recipe from a friend two years ago but I have never tried until today. I didn’t believe that it would be tasty. Now I ask you. May a dessert be so delicious with just two ingredients? You may be surprised. The answer is definitely YES!

1 small banana

a bowl of biscuits(biscuits can be plain biscuits without mixed with anything. If you like cacao, you can prefer biscuits with cacao)

1 package of chocolate (I prefer bitter chocolate.)

That’s all!!

♥Let’s put biscuits in a food processor. When biscuits break up into small pieces(crush completely), let’s put them in a bowl and let’s put a banana. You should knead the mixture until your mixture becomes a dough.

just banana and biscuits

Your mixture should be like this. After, you should make balls from the mixture and add a toothpick as shown in the photo.

banana and biscuits ball

You should put them in a refrigerator and wait for 30 minutes.

I melted a bitter chocolate with pistashio nut and I poured this melted chocolate to small balls and I decorated them.  If you are wondering the easiest way to melt chocolate at home, you can read this post. I put them in a refrigerator for 3-4 hours. (chocolate should firm)

chocolate balls with banana and biscuits

Ready for you………

chocolate balls with banana and biscuits

♥I think these balls should be in your refrigerator every time. While you are drinking a coffee with your friend, you can serve chocolate balls with banana and biscuits to your guest! It will be a favorite appetizer for your coffeetime. You can keep these balls in your refrigerator for more than one week and when your guest comes to drink coffee, you can serve chocolate balls with coffee. Your guest may ask that how you made them and they fell in love with them. They want to share chocolate ball’s photograph on social media.

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