Does anyone know an accordion? (a musical instrument) I think this recipe looks like an accordion:)

I guess, everybody likes eating fried potato. Nobody says NO to this taste! we don’t actually want to feed our children with fast food but we don’t escape from potato:) We love it.  Maybe we can prefer baked potato instead of fried potato.

This recipe will be an alternative snack for your breakfast or teatime.

mmmm…… You will love it and you will want once more!

(I made it with three potatos. How many people are you? One potato may not be enough for everyone. You may want it again:))

well…. What we need?

  • 3 potatoes(You shouldn’t choose very big potato. It doesn’t bake well)
  • olive oil
  • cheese(I made with kashar cheese. Kashar cheese meaning→it is made of sheep’s milk. Its color is pale yellow. Especially Kars kashar cheese and old kashar cheese are very famous in Turkey.  I think this recipe will be wonderful with cheddar cheese as well. I will try with it next time)
  • salt, black pepper, thyme,.. If you want red pepper, you can pour it.

that is all!


Firstly let’s wash potatoes well. If you don’t wash them thoroughly, some mud can be left the potato. Don’t peel potato skin.

Let’s cut the potato (as shown in the photo) Potato slices can be thin.

Let’s add olive oil and spiecs in a bowl.

Let’s mix them and brush the mixture on the potato. (You should brush the mixture into the slices)

Bake at 160 degrees celsius (40-45 minutes is enough)

When potatoes ara baked, let’s take the tray from the stove and put cheese on potatoes.

Again let’s put potatoes to the stove. Potatoes should bake until cheese melt.( a little time)

You should serve when the potato is hot.

baked potato looks like accordion


♥enjoy your meal- healthy baked potato is ready for you♥

less fat♥healthier

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