I must confess that I am a pizza monster:) This is one of the things that I can’t say no. So, I have tried a lot of recipes about making pizza at my home. The name of this pizza is puffed pizza. I gave this name to it. However, it is coming with a change today!

This is a puffed pizza recipe which you may never heard of. What makes it different from other recipes is that there is baking powder in the dough of pizza instead of yeast. I am sure you look a lot of recipes about making pizza on the internet. There are completely different recipes or a few ingredients are added. Most of the recipes are similar. In my opinion you can find the best pizza by trying yourself. If you prefer puffed dough of pizza instead of thin dough of pizza, I got something for you. Because this dough won’t be thin. It will be puffed with baking powder. Don’t think it like a turta or pie. It is very soft just like a sponge. If you are a pizza monster like me, you may be interested in trying different tastes.

When I was a university student a few years ago, I was living alone and unfortunately I didn’t have an oven. I just had a stove to cook for making easy food. I wasn’t even curious to make dessert, pie or anything:) I was interested in about doughy. I never forget one of my memories. One day my best friend came to me and we wanted a pizza but the time was late. So there was no place for ordering pizza. We decided to make pizza on the stove that day. We tried it and it was successful. I love the idea of pizza in the pan since that day. I am sure you know baked pizza and maybe you prefer it instead of fried puffed pizza  but believe me this idea is worth trying. If you interested in ‘How to make a puffed pizza on the stove‘, you can make it easily in just 30 minutes.


1 egg

3 tablespoons yoghurt

1 tablespoon oil (10-15 milligram)

250 g flour

5 grams salt or 1 teaspoon salt

5 grams sugar or 1 teaspoon sugar

half package of baking  powder (you can use one package of baking powder, then your pizza becomes puffed.)


1 tablespoon tomato paste

1 tablespoon olive oil

3-4 grated garlic. If you like a garlic bread, you can add more. In my opinion garlics give perfect aroma to the sauce. It is also helpful especially in winter.

sausages, olives, cheese, (I have used a kashar. I have explained kasgar in this post. You can read it) You can add any cheese you want. I guess cheddar cheese is more famous than kashar cheese:)

peppers (fresh red peppers, green peppers, italian frying peppers, roasting pimientos…..)

whatever you want…. You can add everything you love..

spices ( I prefer mint and mixed pepper powder. I think black pepper is definitely should be in the mixture sauce. )

The diameter of the pan does not matter. You should use a big pan for this recipe.


Egg, yoghurt, oil, flour, salt and sugar are putted in a big bowl. They are kneaded with hand well. I suggest that baking powder is added lastly. You should get a sticky dough. You can pour some flour to your hand to remove the dough from your hand. Olive oil is poured to the frying pan. ( I suggest that you use a granit pan.) 1 tablespoon is enough to lubricate the pan. Dough of pizza is put and placed to the pan well. (at this stage when you put dough to the pan, dough can stick to your hand. You can pour 1-2 drop water to your hand)

And now it’s time to make the sauce. Tomato paste, olive oil, grated garlics, mixed pepper powder and spices are mixed in a bowl with 1-2 tablespoon hot water. At this stage It is necessary to get homogeneous mixture. You should add the hot water slowly and you should decide the size of one or two tablespoons water. This mixture is placed to the everywhere of dough evenly.

puffed dough of pizza


Sticky dough may be hard for you. Some flour and 1-2 water drop are enough to not to stick your hand.

When a dough bake in an oven, the heat is spread evenly. However if you use a stove, heat comes from below. So if you get a perfectly pizza like a baked pizza in the oven, you should fry sausages for thirty-forty seconds on the stove. Believe me in this way they will not be raw. ( you can put on top of each other ingredients) I have placed a cup of grated cheese everywhere of pizza and put other ingredients over cheese. You can make a few floors like me. Don’t be afraid. If you fry sausages and peppers a few minutes in a pan, in this way all ingredients will be cooked.

You can use the lowest heat. It should be cooked slowly. I have cooked puffed pizza in 30 minutes. I suggest you to not to look at the stove for first ten minutes. You should check the base of pizza occasionally. These two points are important to not to burn. All ingredients and dough of pizza are cooked but base of pizza shouldn’t burned. Excellent pizza means this. Lovely.

how to make a puffed pizza on the stove?

Bon appetit

Enjoy your meal

⇒for two person⇐

⇒40 minutes are enough for making this recipe⇐

♥you should give it a try♥ 








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