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♥Puffed cake with carrot walnut and cinnamon..

This cake is my childhood. Why did I say this? Because when I was a child, my mom often made it for me and my brother. That’s why, I say that, this flavor is of my childhood. YES! This taste has never changed since that day for me. Especially in winter when I want a cup of tea, I want this cake with my tea as well. I think it is a great idea for your afternoon tea. It will be a nutritious snack. Because it has carrot and cinnamon. This nutritious food shouldn’t be forgotten. It will also be easy recipe for you. You can make this cake easily at your home instead of eating out.


3 eggs

1 waterglass of sugar( I used a waterglass which has 200 ml)

0.5 waterglass of oil

1 waterglass of milk

2,5 waterglasses of flour

1 package of vanilla( or 2 tea spoon)

1 package of baking powder (or 2 tea spoon, I used a tspn which has 2,5ml))

3 small carrots

1 tablespoon cinnamon( I used a tablespoon which has 10 ml)

2 or 3 tablespoons cracked walnut

That’s all!

puffed cake wit carrot walnut and cinnamon


♥Carrots are washed well and they are peeled and grated. Let’s take a deep bowl and put eggs and sugar. Eggs and sugar are mixed well until there are bubbles in the bowl. Then, pour milk and oil. All of them are gone on mixing. Let’s add vanilla and baking powder. You should pour flour slowly. Your mixture shouldn’t be lump of dough. Let’s go on mixing. At the end of recipe, grated carrots, cracked walnut and cinnamon are added into the bowl. You should mix with wooden spoon at this stage and your dough of cake is ready… Cake mold is spread to not to stick. I also pour a little flour everywhere of cake mold. Believe me your cake will leave easily from cake mold. (1 tablespoon of flour is enough)

In a preheated oven, bake it at 160 degrees(celsius)/320 F(fahrenheit). Don’t open it for 20 minutes. You can use a toothpick test. What does it mean a toothpick test? You can understand a cooked cake with this method. After 25 minutes, when you open the oven, you can immerse a toothpick in the middle of the cake. If there isn’t a part of cake on the toothpick , it means that your cake is cooked.


Carrots which you use should be at room temperature.

You should mix sugar and eggs until bubbles appear on the surface.

When your cake is cooked, don’t take it from oven immediately. Open the oven and let it stay for a few minutes. (for all cakes)

When you take a cake from oven, don’t cut it immediately. I cut a cake 1 hour later. (for all cakes)

(this medium size cake with carrot walnut and cinnamon has 400 calories)

Bon appetit

Enjoy your meal


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