Do you know what happens if you apply this nail mask to your nails twice a week?

I am sure that you want to have strong, healthy and bright nails.

Nails may break or crack. If you eat healthy and you don’t have a healt problem, then the reason for your broken nails is usually that they are not getting enough air. If you applied a nail polish much, you might experience this situation. Our nails don’t get enough air because of chemicals. If chemicals stay in our nails for a long time, our nails may turn yellow.

I discovered a wonderful method for my powerless nails. Because I apply nail polish every day. I like them and I have got a lot of nail polishes. I have been already using olive oil for years but I learned the miracle of the lemon three months ago and I have been doing this mixture for three months.

I pour olive oil in a bowl and I add half lemon juice and mix well. After that I apply this mixture with cotton. I do this nail mask before I sleep. I don’t wash my hands. I sleep like this until morning. I apply this nail mask twice a week. If you want you can only apply lemon. You can read this post of me. (when you apply this nail mask, you should remove the nail polish. Your nails can be clean.) If you have got a cotton glove, you can use it. However if you don’t have a cotton glove, it doesn’t matter.

with this nail mask, you can apply a nail polish every day. your nails will not break and turn yellow.





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