What do you use to remove with your eye make up?

♥If I say that, you can remove your eye make up with one healthy thing, do you believe me?

Well… I wonder whether you live heavy make up or you just apply a mascara or just eye pencil?


I think eye make up is the most important part in my make up. Concealer, false eyelashes, eye shadow, eye shadow base or primer, mascara, eyeliner, eye brow pencil, colored eye pencil bla bla bla:) I like to apply all of them. They are my babies! If you use a lot of cosmetics like me especially in your eyes, you know that eyes are cleaned difficultly and the make up removers aren’t enough to clean from your eyes well. Well what am I doing in such a situation? I just need olive oil. YES. You didn’t hear wrong. However you should choose a high quality olive oil. It should be real olive oil.

You can find a high quality olive oil with a few simple methods. I am from Aegean Region of Turkey. So we can get it from there. In Turkey when someone says olive oil, the first place comes to the mind is the Aegean Region. We are lucky about it. Our relatives are doing themselves. However ıf you want to buy a high quality and you dont buy direct from producer, you can prefer good brands. It is said that in Turkey when buyin real olive oil, you should get a good brand or you should know a manifacture. There are a few simple methods I know. Firstly, real olive oil freezes. If you put a cup of olive oil in a freezer in 30 minutes, it freezes and is crystallized. For example ıf you like to to pour on the olives, when you take from refrigerator ıt should be freezed not liquid.  A second method is that  when you taste the olive oil it must leave a bitter taste in your throat. An easier third method is that, if you pour a olive oil on the warm water, a real olive oil must stay above the warm water and it has got bubbles.

I talked a little too much about it but olive oil is very important for us. If you find a good quality olive oil you can use it for a mask for your skin.

Imagine that a good night just finished for you. Maybe you went to have a fun, you met your darling… and you came home. You should never sleep with your make up. Everybody also knows it. You can remove your make up easily with olive oil on the cotton. You can dribble 5-6 drop of oil. You should be careful. Oil shouldn’t get to your eyes. Otherwise your eyes can be hurt. You can clean around the eyes with this method. You will be surprised. Your eyes will be cleaned from your make up immediately. Yes immediately! There is something more beautiful than this feature of the olive oil. It has also moisturizing feature. So I often use it. I heard this method with olive oil from a lot of people years ago. When I especially apply a heavy make up with a lot of cosmetics to my face, I clean with olive oil on the cotton. Believe me! I escape from all the make up easily. My face is also soft. One more super information. If you use olive oil for a long time, your skin will not wrinkle easily. I think it is the most beautiful moisturizer. You can also use it for your hands and your nails. They will be softer. Believe me!

After you remove your heavy make up with this recipe, I dont suggest you to sleep with oily skin. I wash my face after 30 minutes. Because I think the eye area is more sensitive. However when I use it for my hands and nails, I dont wash them. My hands will be soft for a long time. My nails also are brighter and they doesn’t break easily.

Let’s try.

Let discover this miracle.

(you must drop a few drops of water before you use with oily cotton. Otherwise parts of cotton sticks to your eyes. Firstly 1 2 drop water – secondly 1 2 drop oil. that is all!!!)






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