♥Are your nails short? Don’t they grow as you expect? Are they broken quickly and easily? Well, you like prosthesis nail, don’t you? You may even have yellow nails because of the nail polish. If you want to deal with these issues just by eating, you are at the right place! You will have longer and stronger nails with one food.

♥I used to have prosthesis nail, but now I don’t prefer it. Because it is not necessary. I have a nail polish every day but I don’t have yellow nails. Because if you have nail polish every day, your nails will be stuffy. This way, they get yellower every day. However, I don’t have yellow nails. How does that happen?

♥I guess, every woman deserves beautiful and healthy nails. It doesn’t matter long or short. Unhealthy nails do matter. Unhealthy nails also don’t grow well.

♥Somebody’s nails breaks everytime(writing, dressing, cooking..) Somebody’s nails also strong and hard. It don’t break easily. So these women’s nails are long. If you are experiencing such a situation, firstly need to go to the doctor. There may be a lot of reasons. However your nails will be strong with this easily method. You can try at home. You just also a lemon.

♥You didn’t hear wrong. Just lemon. You can make this recipe at where ever you want. Firstly you should squeeze a lemon. You can use it later. Think this lemon like a make up cotton. You shoul rub it to your nails.  Imagine you made a salad and you used a lemon. Don’t throw the remaining parts of the lemon. You can rub it for 1-2 minutes for each nail. If you try this method regularly, you will have longer and stronger nails. Your nails also will be brighter. When you sit at night, when you watch tv, when you talk…

♥If you want you can pour the water in a bowl with lemon in it. You can put your nails into the bowl. You can wait for 10 minutes and you are done, However  I think the first method is easier for me.

♥If you have a wond on your finger (because of the manicure. The skin around the nails may be remowed)I don’t suggest this. You may hurt your fingers more because of the acidic structure of the lemon.

♥You should give it a try, I love you!



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